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Your roof is a major component of your home that may cost $15,000 or more to replace. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to preserve the integrity of your roof or a buyer interested in estimating the remaining life of a home’s roof, a roof inspection is a wise investment. This written report details the condition of a roof in great detail for an accurate assessment. A roof inspection requires at least viewing the roof from a ladder if not walking on the roof. Unlike a home inspection, a true roof inspection is never done with binoculars from the ground.

We provide reliable roof inspections for homeowners and home buyers. If we determine that your roof does need repairs or replacement, the cost of our inspection will be deducted from the work.

Why a Roof Inspection Is So Important

While you may not think about your roof very often, it’s your first line of defense against the elements. Your roof shields you from wind, rain, ice, and snow — but it can only do its job if it’s in good condition. Incremental damage from freeze-thaw cycles, sunlight, and other extreme conditions slowly reduces the lifespan of your roof and its performance.
A roof inspection is an opportunity to check the health of your roof and ensure it’s up for the task of protecting your home. Roof inspections identify problems with your roof before they become serious. This doesn’t just avoid disaster; it can also save you money by fixing issues when they’re still minor.

As a home buyer, a roof inspection can give you a much better idea of the condition of a roof compared to a home inspection. This is a good idea if you have concerns about the age or condition of the roof or your home inspector has recommended a roof inspection.

What Is Covered During a Roof Inspection? 

A roof inspection involves a thorough inspection of the roof surfaces and flashing. We look for signs of aging and damage. This may include raised bubbles on shingles, missing granules, or curling.

The next step is checking for soft spots on your roof. Soft spots can indicate water damage that has penetrated the roof deck. Most soft spots are found near flashing, in the valleys, or near nail holes and other penetrations in the roof.

We will also ensure all penetrations and flashings are secure. This is an important step as many leaks occur around the flashing and chimney and continue for some time, eventually penetrating into the home.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

We recommend at least an annual inspection of your roof. This is especially important as your roof ages. We also recommend you have your roof inspected after a major storm as hail and high winds can cause damage to shingles.

The best time to inspect a roof is during the winter. This is the ideal time for us to spot damage from the previous seasons while getting your roof ready for the spring rain. You can also request a roof inspection after your roof is repaired for any reason. If there is damage in one area, there may be damage elsewhere.

If you aren’t sure of the condition of your roof or you are planning to buy a home, we take pride in offering cost-effective yet high-quality roof inspections with results you can trust. Contact us to request an estimate or schedule a roof inspection today.

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