Roofing in Warner Robins GA

Weather in Warner Robins & How It Can Affect Your Roof.

The roof on your home is one of the largest home improvement investments you can make. The longer a can last, the more return you will get on your investment. There are several factors that will determine how long your roof will last, but climate and weather conditions are among the most important. High temperatures and direct sunlight cause roofs to age faster than normal, as well as high wind and heavy snowfalls.

Here’s a breakdown of the average temperature in Warner Robins GA (Fahrenheit) by month:

January: High 57°F – Low 34°F
February: High 61°F – Low 37°F
March: High 69°F – Low 43°F
April: High 76°F – Low 50°F
May: High 89°F – Low 59°F
June: High 89°F – Low 67°F
July: High 92°F – Low 70°F
August: High 91°F – Low 70°F
September: High 85°F – Low 64°F
October: High 77°F – Low 53°F
November: High 68°F – Low 44°F
December: High 59°F – Low 36°F

Annual High Temperature 75.7°F
Annual Low Temperature 52.3°F
Average Temperature 64°F
Average Annual Rainfall – 48.11 inches